Malcolm Campbell - IAA

General Manager Dublin Air Traffic Control Centre

Malcolm Campbell is the General Manager of the Dublin Air Traffic Control Centre which is operated by the Irish Aviation Authority. Dublin ATC provides air traffic services to approximately 550 aircraft per day arriving and departing Dublin and also en-route services to aircraft transiting Irish airspace. Progress is underway to transfer the radar services for both Shannon and Cork airports to Dublin Centre as the Irish Aviation Authority undergoes restructuring to make it an even more effective Air traffic services provider.

Married with three children, Malcolm is a former Royal Air Force officer who served as the Senior Air Traffic Control Officer at several RAF fighter airfields as well as tours of duty as an instructor and examiner. During his career he served as the head of operations at Dhahran during the Gulf War and as an exchange officer with the German Luftwaffe; whilst in Germany he worked at Düsseldorf Centre.

A double graduate in Law and Psychology and a member of several professional institutes Malcolm is a prolific writer on aviation related topics.

Following his military career Malcolm retrained as a civil controller and, after a spell in the north of England, became a Civil Aviation Authority inspector in the UK’s Southern Region which encompasses all of the UKs major airfields. Malcolm arrived in post in Dublin late last year and is currently heavily involved in the major restructuring of airspace and the reorganisation and redeployment of air traffic services in Ireland.