Carol Szabo - ROMATSA

Mr. Carol SZABO is a Telecommunications Engineer. His

professional activity in chronological order:

Researcher at the National Telecommunications Research Institute, Bucharest;

Head of the Romanian biggest Radio and TV broadcast station, 2500 m ASL;

Shift chief at Cheia Intelsat Earth Station (two 32m diameter parabolic antennas);

Engineer-Teacher of Radio-communications, at Telecommunications High-School Bucharest;

Head of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Test Laboratory of the Ministry of Communications;

Ministry of Communications, General Inspectorate for Communications, head of Regulatory Department;

Romanian Air Traffic Services Administrations CNS Dept., responsible for the VSAT Network;

Consultant for EUROCONTROL, Brussels, in VSAT and Spectrum Management matters;

Romanian Air Traffic Services Administrations Headquarters. - Communications Expert.