Alex Wandels - Eurocontrol

CASCADE Programme Manager

Alex Wandels is the programme manager for CASCADE, the EUROCONTROL programme that co-ordinates the implementation of a first generation of ADS-B applications and second generation of CPDLC services. Previously he has been the LINK 2000+ programme manager and was involved in ATM strategy development, concept development, inter-centre data co-ordination, civil military data co-ordination and environment data processing. He has also worked as an advisor in several support-to-State activities.

Alex graduated in 1981 from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels with a degree in Aeronautical and Military Sciences. He has worked as a controller, supervisor and instructor at Belga Radar and in the London ATCC, before moving to the Belgian Air Force Headquarters to work on ATC procedure development, standardisation and system requirements.

He joined EUROCONTROL in 1992.