Martin Adnams - Eurocontrol

Link2000+ Programme Manager



1. LINK 2000+ Programme Manager since 2004

2. Chairman of LINK 2000+ Integration Team (LIT) driving Airlines, ATSPs and Communications Service providers to operational implementation.

3. Leader of the first systems integration of ICAO standard Controller Pilot Datalink (CPDLC) in the PETAL II project, where commercial airframes were certified for live

datalink operations with Maastricht.

4. Leader for Flight trials of Wideband datalink in 2002. Also contributing to International co-ordination on Communication issues, particularly the FAA.

5. Contributor to ICAO, EUROCAE work in standardising datalink


1989 - 1991: SHELL INTERNATIONAL, Project Manager for the SHELL Sales and Marketing department.

1981 - 1989: EUROPEAN SPACE AGENCY, developing ESA's world-wide satellite tracking and spacecraft control network.

1978 - 1981: FERRANTI COMPUTER SYSTEMS, developing Naval real-time air traffic control software and systems.


Degree in Physics and Astrophysics